In progress….
Underdogs is, in essence, a coming of age story. It centers around a young man, just out of college, who is trying to carve his own niche in the world. Whether it be his love life, or his career, his choices never seem to work out for him. But, what if it did start working for him? Would he be happy if he actually got everything he wanted?
Written: July-August 2001
Length: As of right now, 241-pages… reading not accurate due to massive editing and removal of certain parts of the story
Status: In re-write stage 1

Frank and Jennie
If you could do one good thing in your life, what would it be? And why would you do it? Frank thinks he knows why and what it would be. Jennie is pretty sure that she doesn’t really know what she wants. Can love overcome all?
Written: (approx.) December 2001-February 2002
Length: 55-pages… again, through massive re-editing and additions to the story, this should hopefully end up more like 100 or so pages
Status: on hiatus while Underdogs is worked on

Guns of Fire
Part 1 of a trilogy. The two to follow are: Guns of Death and Guns of Freedom. Set in a futuristic world after a world-wide nuclear war. Think Escape from New York meets Unforgiven meets Mad Max.
Written: January 2002-??
Length: 20 or so pages so far.
Status: in production. Plotting is being occasionally worked on.

Untitled Project # 1
Tossed around the idea of writing a book about small independent wrestling federations across Canada. Looking at why the wrestlers do what they do and why. Opportunity for a good non-fiction expose on the life of working-class weekend warriors.
Status: being mulled over

My Poetry Career
I try to (unsuccessfully) write poetry on occasion. Ends up coming out as weird prose-style babblings. I’m working on it.
Written: about three years worth
Length: about two notebooks full
Status: trying to figure out whether or not it’s still worth writing the stuff…