What’s New:

Preliminary rewriting had begun on Underdogs, the first novel. After some debate and discussion with a James at Canadian Content, some things were decided about the first draft. That being that it was in dire need of work, but there was something there worth working on.

Those of you who were fortunate (or unfortunate) enough read the first draft of Underdogs will notice a drastic difference in the second draft. Some things are different, some things are new and some things are just completely gone entirely.

I’m in the process now of crawling around in my head to find the space I was when I cranked out the first draft. It’s hard, after a year, to just pick up the same story again after some time. I’m thinking this weekend will involve a re-read of Draft 1 in an attempt to make a straight ahead run at Draft 2.

Thanks to those of you who offered advice on Draft 1. Ideas were heeded and compliments were taken. Kudos to Walerian who gave me the best compliment I heard about it. His words: “It’s an excellent novel in progress.”

Frank and Jennie
Last weekend, Draft 1 of what I was calling a novella titled Frank and Jennie was mailed to some members of the “Fan Club.” As it turns out, two thing were realized about that:

  1. It, like Underdogs, needs extensive work.
  2. A novella is typically, around 100 typed pages, double-spaced. What you got was one HELL of a long short story…. It will be worked on as well, to eventually end up being a novella, which is what it was meant to be.
Guns of Fire
Nothing much going on with this right now. I’m contemplating some name changes of characters, but I’m going to make a classic attempt at sitting down to actually plot out what I want to happen in this one. It’ll be a while coming yet. But it could just be my Dark Tower: The Gunslinger.

Other Stuff
Looked through some old disks and found a couple of old short stories that I want to finish up and throw into the Stories section. One is titled ‘Forks’. The other one’s title slips my mind.

If anyone would like to donate a computer chair to my cause, that would also be appreciated… my back’s killing me…